During my pre-teen years, I grew up as a baseball fan of the local team the Cleveland Indians. To set the tone for a discussion of diabetic data, a review of the volume of baseball data is an excellent comparison. It is September. Baseball teams are focused on the goal of playing in the postseason.

Oh, for the sisters, wives, parents, grandparents and friends of Type 1 Diabetics, T1D, some of the guys you know spent too much time pouring over reams of data regarding fantasy sports teams. Guys are you taking care of yourself and managing your personal health conditions including your diabetes with the same tenacity?

Guys it is time to focus on the facts, data and figures regarding your daily health with better management practices for living with Diabetes. Take the time to collect and analyze your own data. Reviewing our own data, facts, figures, graphs and charts can facilitate better discussions with our health care providers. Just is in a baseball game the little differences lead directly to enormous differences in making the postseason!

Hey guys too many of you are quitting too soon. Now, here is a link to a discussion of baseball stats. George Will is a noted columnist, historian and a lover of baseball. The link is to a recent YouTube discussion on the value of baseball and all the numbers.

What does it mean to be have a 0.300 batting average? The real fact is that the batter will be unsuccessful and fail 70% of the time at bat! The real objective is to master the sport.   Have you taken the time to develop a plan and implement the plan to succeed with a healthier life as a diabetic? We all have bad days. It is time to work on achieving better days.

The start of each new day can bring the download of the collection of the data from the previous day, only if you collect the data. The blood glucose meter, the insulin pump, the continuous glucose meter and my fitbit chargehr are uploaded into the individual company programs and posted to the Diasend Program. The choice to use Diasend was based upon the fact that my endocrinologist is part of a major teaching hospital which has been using the Diasend program for some time. By uploading data saves me from printing a stack of paper reports for a doctor’s appointment. Not fair for the doctor. We are all able to review the stats from yesterday’s baseball results today. My ability to succeed with the management of my diabetes is improved by presenting my medical staff with timely data. A great team is composed of a great coaching staff and players striving to succeed. My medical team is comprised with an outstanding head coach, the endocrinologist as manager with a compliment of multiple assistant coaches when needed. I view the volume of data as a game.   Can this individual and my medical team discern small subtle facts and events that over time could improve control and success in living a healthy life as a diabetic?

You may ask why? Just as in baseball it is the little differences over time that will have an enormous difference in the outcome of our lives.

After fifty plus years as a type 1 diabetic, T1D continues to present ongoing challenges with new changes and opportunities.  Yesterday is history, we cannot re-play that day. However, we do have the opportunity to review the results and view the best and worst of the prior days. Each day is the beginning of a new day with the choice to succeed or fail. If today becomes a failure we need to pick ourselves up and start again. Go team.

Life can present each of us with opportunities to learn from other venues for living with diabetes. In conclusion, a special thanks to George Will and Prager University for the salient points about baseball and life.