As a type one diabetic, T1D, I realize and am aware of the fact that the big three are insulin, food, and exercise. In an earlier post, “Appreciation for a Heroine”, I wrote about our family dog, Maggie, and how she was my sleep period continuous glucose monitor. Based upon her ten year outstanding performance, I did not have any runs to the hospital with hypoglycemic events. She served as my exercise buddy for over thirteen plus years! We would have multiple walks each and every day. The practical reason was that the family did not want to clean up messes in the house. When we were forced to put Maggie down, I lost a true Exercise Buddy. Now, my search for a continuous glucose monitor was placed into high gear. The loss of a family dog is a major event which hit the entire family. So, my daughter when into action and decided that we needed another dog. A recused Maltese entered our family.

The look can be very direct:  It is time for my walk and business!

Our new family member was named Buddy! Dad, again had the assignments of walking Buddy. He quickly became my new Exercise Buddy. Oh, I still take care of any and all messes!

Dogs hold a very special place in my heart. They know when you are feeling low. They take the time to spend very close time with us. One of their greatest gifts is their ability to stay in the moment. Whenever, I arrived home there are four furry paws just waiting to greet me with an excited smile. Yesterday is history. We cannot “fix the past”. The present can be described as a gift for the moment. It is our opportunity to use it wisely. The future is a mystery. Our exercise walks are never boring. One never knows what we will come across, where paths will take us and who will we meet and greet from morning to night.

The next change to my personal challenges with my T1D was the decision to add a Fitbit to document my (exercise) movements. My choice was a ChargeHR. A new endocrinologist became part of my new team.  What could be done to minimize the need to print out multiple pages of data? I initiated uploading my diabetic equipment into Diasend. It is the program of choice for the clinic I attend. My data was forwarded to the clinic through Diasend. This included my blood glucose meter, the insulin pump, the Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Meter, CGM, and my Fitbit. Now, all my equipment data is available for review prior to scheduled appointments. Insulin, food and exercise are all summarized on one sheet of paper. The Diasend reports include detailed reporting for the blood glucose meter, the insulin pump and my CGM.

The measurement of exercise is the last major area that is the real challenge for a T1D. What to collect, when to collect, how to collect, and the time of the day are only the start. The New York Times, on July 1, 2015, had an article entitled; “Older Athletes Have a Strikingly Young Fitness Age”.   Contained within the article is a method to determine our Individual Fitness Age. Feel free to check your Fitness Age.

Here is another timely article.

“Time Magazine published a Wellness article on The New Science of Exercise” The point is that doctors, researchers, scientists – even ancient philosophers – have longclaimed exercise works like a miracle drug. Now, they have proof. By Mandy Oaklander.”

The importance of exercise for a diabetes can be best described as a previously undisclosed and hidden key component to better health. The walking of the family dogs has added to my health and happiness. It is the pursuit of happiness. Exercise is not a dirty swear word. Just do it with your personal Exercise Buddy!!